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I just wanted to tell you that my mother-in-law was delighted with the service she received, and the people who were at home. Thank you so much

Pascale | November 6, 2018

H. is very good at what she does. Thank you!

Sophie | October 18, 2018

We are very satisfied with the cleaning! Your technician did a very good job.

Renaud | October 15, 2018

I just want to say that I was very satisfied with the cleaning services provided. Thank you!

Marika | October 10, 2018

I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the excellent work of the technician who came to the house yesterday. She did a great job, it's a great resource you have. She brings meticulous care to everything she does, really a big thank you.

Mylene | September 28, 2018

I just wanted to let you know that I think T. is terrific.  We spoke that it would be nice to have her continue to clean our house.

Judy | September 21, 2018

I wanted to thank N. who came to clean Tuesday. We found the apartment clean as new and everything was so spotless. She took great care of each piece and we want to thank her.
Even our 10-year-old daughter's room, which contains thousands of small items, has been cleaned and tidy.

Keep this excellent resource, she is really very good!

Mylene | September 6, 2018

We are satisfied with the work your workers do. THank you.

Marika | August 30, 2018

H. does an excellent job! Thank you!!

Emmanuelle | August 2, 2018

We are satisfied with the washing of windows. G. made sure that we were happy.

Josee | June 25, 2018